Event Information

  • How do I register and attend the event?

  • Where can I find general information about the event?

  • What are the rules for the virtual classrooms for the event?

    • General rules:

      • 18+ and up attendees ONLY.

      • Refrain from soliciting attendees via Direct Message in Zoom chats.

      • Mute yourself please.

      • Zooms will be recorded from the perspective of the presenter; your video will not be shared.

      • Each room/class will have a class coordinator who will facilitate questions to the presenters and assist in the moderation of the class.

    • Can I turn my camera on? No, it will not be necessary for attendees to turn on their microphones or cameras.

    • How do I ask questions during the event? Each classroom/webinar will be monitored, and questions may be answered by either the presenters or the class coordinator. Attendees will be able to ask questions by typing them into the Zoom chat by typing “QUESTION: …” before they ask a question. Attendees may also have discussions in the Zoom chat while the webinar is occurring.

    • Will I be able to donate to educators for classes I attend? Yes, donation information will be available in every classroom at the beginning and end. Donations will go directly to the educators, so they are strongly encouraged.

  • Who is hosting KEW?

    • This event will be hosted by the KEW Team: MadamePosh & LadyBadsushi.

Ticket Information

  • What access within the event do I get for free?

    • Attendees with free admission will access general classrooms and panels in rooms A and B

  • What access do I get VIP tickets (currently priced at $40)?

    • Attendees with a VIP tickets will have access to all classrooms and panels (including VIP classrooms in room C) and all digital replays of the classes via Vimeo.

  • How do I access replays for the event? How do I get a replay if I got a free ticket?

    • To access replays for the event, an attendee will need a VIP ticket. At the end of the event, VIP ticketholders will be given complete access to the recorded classes which will be hosted on Vimeo. If a registered attendee with a free ticket would like access the recorded replays after the event, all registered attendees will have the option to purchase access to the replays for a flat rate of $40.

  • What happens if I bought a full price ticket for the in-person event originally scheduled for March 2020?

    • Tickets purchased for KEW 2020 scheduled for March will be transferred to KEW 2021 due to the unfortunate circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. KEW 2021 will be an in-person event. During the KEW Virtual Workshop 2020, full-price ticketholders will have access to all general classes, all VIP classes, and access to all digital recordings on Vimeo.

  • What if I bought tickets for the original event, and I can’t attend next year’s KEW 2021 event?

    • Once the dates are released for 2021, you can reach out to factorydfw@gmail.com directly for support.

Please email factorydfw@gmail.com for any additional questions. 

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